The Cotswolds Canter Supercar Drive

a number of supercars parked in a row in The Cotswolds while on a Waynes World Of Wheels Super car drive

The Cotswolds Canter supercar drive is over for another year and what a fantastic WWOW Scenic Stay & Dramatic Drive it was!


We had commenced our two-day adventure at McLaren Birmingham who provided some of the world’s largest Bacon Baps ever seen! A short, spirited squirt around Stratford saw us arrive (and stop the traffic!) in Broadway.


Mclaren Supecars parked outside The Man Cave shop in Broadway

Discovering Treasure

Julian at The Man Cave Broadway showed us around his wonderful treasure trove full of supercar drive and motoring gifts, ideas and movie memorabilia.

A large group of men and women gather togehter inside The Man Cave in Broadway, posing with movie memorabilia
people visiting The Classic Car Hub Museum in the Cotswolds

Supercar Drive History

We beat off the admiring onlookers to wizz off for a supercar drive down the Foss Way, arriving at just in time for lunch at The Classic Motor Hub which is steeped in motor history, where every vehicle has a story or two to tell!

Fully fuelled up, we headed out for more food!! A splendid Afternoon Tea was laid on for us at Rybrook Specialist Cars in Bristol – thank you guys…we left a lot on the table!


Shooting For The Podium

Delightfully quirky bedrooms rooms and a private dining experience, both superb awaited our band of supercar drive travellers, at the welcoming The Frogmill Hotel.


Next morning their yummy breakfasts assisted our short hop to a few hours spent clay shooting at Ian Coley Sporting. Here, top class coaching saw us all reach greater “hotshot” achievements than any of us thought possible!


All the explosive action was accompanied by significant competitive banter as we had split into two teams “Telescopic Rod” V “Trigger Happy” truly developed into a battle of the Titans of Popping spinning pottery!


The competition for a share of the silverware & the dizzy heights of a top step on the podium was intense

Two Mclaren Supercars parked in front Of Frogmill Hotel in The Cotswolds on a WWOW supercar scenic stay
two groups of men and women standing on two podiums at a shooting range
group of men and women sat around a table having lunch while out on the WWO cotswolds Canter supercar drive

Supercar Pitstop

We decided we had not yet had that much to eat on this supercar drive, so we took the opportunity to visit the newly opened The Piston Club at The Stagg,  where lunch on Day two was delicious!


So Glad You Joined Our Supercar Drive

Huge thanks to McLaren Birmingham who did a wonderful job, being both caring & supportive sponsors and joining us for the entire supercar drive.

Sinan Omer from Rybrook Specialist Cars brought the most beautiful Lantana Purple McLaren GT in … which I suspect Kristian & Amie Harris will be buying very soon!

We couldn’t have done it without all the WWOWZERS that took part, – Logan, Paul, Kristian, Amie, Richard, Ian, Jackie, Carl, Gary & Sarah… you were all fantastic

Thank you all for coming on the Cotsowlds Canter, supercar drive, and making the WWOW community such a fantastic Supercar Club – you are all due a Telescopic Rod for Xmas!

A line of Mclaren Supercars parked at the classic Car Hub in The Cotswolds as part of the WWOW Cotswolds Canter supercar drive

If you would like to participate in the next WWOW Cotswolds Canter supercar drive and scenic stay, or any of our other drives and events apply to join WWOW Supercar club today

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