Uncover The Thrills On Our Isle Of Man Adventure

two supercars parked at sunset at the Isle Of Man with Waynes World Of Wheels

The unmistakable bark of an Italian V10 or immense burbling of a cold German V8 under your bedroom window ensures there is no need for alarm calls

It’s 4.50am, sleepily pulling back the blackout curtains reveals a Police van with APR cameras patrolling our significant, colourful gathering… front plates a must here or a daily £100 fine!

You certainly don’t feel awake, but you sure as hell know you need to be very alert, very soon. The first thing to check is the mountain. Is it clear of clouds? Excellent, visibility is good …

Let’s go!

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for a totally unrestricted, early morning full speed Supercar run across an almost empty mountain road on the Isle of Man.

Time is short, so you’ve fuelled up the night before, but probably stayed up a bit too late as it’s always someone’s turn for a round, so you’re definitely on edge

The 2-3 police officers permanently camped out at the top of the hairpin give you a friendly wave & smile knowing exactly where you are heading, precisely why you are up so early and probably a little envious of what you are going to do next…..

Still on cold tyres, weaving through the cones, definite wheel spin at the tight and undulating Gooseneck, your sleepy eyes are on stalks now as you squeezed that loud pedal harder than normal and it’s already well above any other UK speed limit.

You see an easy 85- 90mph indicated on the cold climb out of Ramsey, pushing a bit harder each time through Joeys wiggle onto the Mountain mile it’s easy for it to be the last time your eyes drop as they super glue themselves onto the road ahead.

If my fears would subside (and the steering stop twitching which is taking the crazy McLaren 720s perilously close to the sheer drop) I’m sure I could do better than the glanced 165mph

You can hear the cold air being sucked into that twin-turbo V8; it’s demonically howling behind your head, ripping through the gears & punching you in the back; a booster rocket throwing you mercilessly onwards towards the horizon.

Through the frightening bends the Mc’s active downforce pulls on your stomach as you deliberately aim for that thin inside white painted line, the one that’s just inches away from brave photographers huddled against the wind, perched expertly on the apex for hour after hour searching for that elusive great picture

It’s not just about the speeds as it’s certainly possible to go a lot quicker than me. Adding some driving skills with a bucket of bravery helps!

In year’s previous I’ve been humbled by local legend Julian Wood darting past in his wife’s mini.

In 2018 rumour has it that a nun in a Suzuki Swift, a tad late for 7am communion in Douglas did me round the outside at Windy Corner.; surely a beer induced embellishment … but there have been many, many pass me in the few years I’ve been coming to IOM.

The twists, curves, undulations and thumbs up from the local police at The Bungalow fizz by in a frenzy of colour as you once more floor whatever it is you have underfoot through second, third and fourth gear up the hill away from the dip.

Overtaking unsuspecting & surprised bikers at 120-140mph is a physical challenge as is staying alert to local two-wheel leather clad missile pilots who go from a dot of light in your rear-view mirror to a spec on your horizon barely 10 seconds later.

In just under 6 minutes, you’ve covered 10 miles; it goes so quick that it feels like a 90 second intense heart & cardio workout.

2 supercars parked in front of the Creg-Ny-Baa Pub in the Isle Of Man with Wayne's World Of Wheels

At The Creg-Ny-Baa pub it’s time to drop down to the coast and mainly 30-50mph roads back to Ramsey… wondering just how many more giggling, heart pumping white knuckle runs we can still fit in this morning?

Two, maybe three more before local traffic builds; all those white vans, numerous SUVs and the occasional vicar, who all use this public road 24/7 on route to work.

The early morning adrenaline is addictive and in some ways we are thankful it’s over by 8.30am breakfast leaving the remainder of the day/s for meeting with mates you see once a year but wind-up weekly on Social Media.

There is relentless car based predominantly laddy-bants over lunch at the Calf of Man plus our attempt at giving a little back to the Island with a couple of hours charity work

Displaying the 30 odd supercars cars in the park and collecting donations for local hospitals, whilst squeezing in the odd cheeky youngster for a pic in the pilot seat

Kids young and old love the spectacle of nose to tail cars in the park. Talking with owners, seeing so many marques and colours, hearing them fire up and the lucky or cheeky ones climbing into the cars.

They are not short of opinions these youngsters!

“Christ Mister! Have you just won the bleeding’ lottery?”

“Wow, love those doors…. is it a DeLorean?”

Or the all-time classic “You lot must be rulers of small African nations, stealing from the diamond mines with cars like that!”

Children sitting in a McLaren Supercar at the Isle Of Man with Waynes World Of Wheels

IOM Tours are a whirlwind 84 hours including little sleep, lots of laughter and inevitably, many beers. It also requires maximum respect & concentration for the roads, your speedy mates, local drivers & those leather clad missile pilots!

In today’s woke world it’s amazing such hedonistic, life affirming petrol-based fun still exists at all – you just have to grab this opportunity whilst it still exists!

WWOW supercar club can smooth the way and make it happen

If you would like to participate in the next Isle Of Man Amazing Adventure or any of our other drives and events apply to join WWOW Supercar club today

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