Two McLaren Supercars parked on the roadside under a blue sky
McLaren Supercar parked on the road on the edge of a mountainous area underneath a stormy sky
Eight McLaren Supercars parked behind each other along a countryside road underneath a blue and cloudy sky

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Welcome To Wayne's World Of Wheels

Established by Wayne (Captain Slow), following his many years of experience organising events, drives, and tours involving all the Supercar Marques, Wayne’s World of Wheels is an exclusive, invite-only group of car nuts who enjoy some of the finer things in life….

Cars, wacky company, welcoming hotels, and world-class grub are all reached via some marvelous roads. 

Supercars are where we start but as many owners work hard enough to own many cars, Wayne’s World Of Wheels is more about the company you will keep, and the fun of being “out” so much more than which car you’re bringing this time around.

Play Video about Two McLaren Supercars parked on the top of a hill overlooking the north of England

Who Is WWOW?

Wayne’s World Of Wheels has been established as the Supercar Club that puts the fun into owning and driving a Supercar.

Launched by Wayne Lowery (lovingly AKA as Captain Slow) WWOW capitalises on his McLaren UK Owners experience where for 6 years he organised, designed and led drives, events, meets and tours.

The McLaren events, drives, overnight stays and meets (plus a world record!) covered most of the UK and that experience has now been put to great use at WWOW

Over the last few years this role expanded to include autumn, winter and spring events. Days when your prized possession (Supercar) is snuggled up at the back of your garage next to the rusty BBQ and punctured paddling pool

Wayne lowery of Waynes World Of Wheels meet Lando Norris F1 driver for McLaren
Wayne Does Lunch With Lando

Unlike other Supercar Clubs WWOW runs events all year round, allowing our members to bring out their boy racer (Audi RS3 or GR Yaris or even your 4WD Bentley)

Wayne has long been a Supercar owner, squandering most of his family’s non-existent fortune on all the top Supercar Marques over the last 25 years.

This has provided him with a unique insight into just how to balance great drives out in some of the most picturesque parts of the UK and Europe (in all types of weather!) with a solid block of Car-Nut interaction over lunch or dinner….

Come and join us for a day, or stay a night or two in some of the best hotels, enjoying the open roads and the company of like-minded Supercar owning enthusiasts.

Sheep Seen
Routes Driven
Ice Creams Eaten
Rock Songs played

What's In It For You?

There is no joining fee, It is Free to join Waynes World Of Wheels Supercar Club. So you can be part of the community and take part in all the fun, right from the off.

Become a WWOW VIP when you purchase the WWOW VIP Annual Membership.

As a WWOW VIP you will get exclusive access to a range of priceless benefits, adventures & opportunities, right now, at the early bird launch price of £49.

Throughout the year there are exclusive supercars events and drives that you cannot access without becoming a member and being a part of the Wayne’s World Of Wheels community.

Our daily drives, are grand days out. Some have won national awards! We always aim to be on some of the UK’s finest driving roads and take in some of the most iconic scenery on our way.

We try to make sure to run in small groups and offer limited places for each exclusive drive or event 

Our Uk and European tours involve stunning supercars, great roads, a varied range of like-minded, engaging company and stay-overs in some top hotels offering great grub.

Whenever we stay overnight on our 2, 3 or 4 day tours you can be sure that you will be experiencing and creating some amazing memories in fabulous locations.

As we run Wayne’s World of Wheels with no joining fee there will be a cost for most drives and events.

Pricing is calculated on the costs involved spent researching, organising and running our fabulous days out.

All prices of our drives and events are on our booking calendar, showing the purchase prices, which are payable at the point of booking

a collage of photos of members of Waynes World Of Wheels Super Car Club at different events enjoying meeting each other over drinks and around cars

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